Official Offering: Tensor side table.

Design and Built : J. Sebastian

A graceful side table design constructed from furniture grade Maple veneer plywood top and steel base, the TENSOR side table perfectly brings together simplistic elegance with its smooth lines giving a minimalist nod to Mid Century Modern design.

The name came about one day while talking to a friend about the design. After I sent him a picture , he though of “Tensors floating disk” a spell used in the RPG Dungeons and Dragons… A game we used to play back in the day.  His thought was that the legs were so minimal The wood top appears to float.

Tensor 24 Side Table

Top: 3/4″ furniture grade ply wood top with single round routed edge. Sanded smooth then stained and finished in the color option of your choice (see stain options) The table shown is an sample of the design only.. Your table will be constructed from Maple ply and each piece will have its own unique wood grain and unique beauty marks, from both the veneer and plywood construction process and will not be exactly as shown. Every effort to select the most unique wood pieces for the table top are made.

Legs: Constructed from 5/16″ round bar that is mig welded to the 1″ flat bar. Slot Joint construction holds the legs together. There are no fasteners used in this design, The top is attached to the legs using a snug pressure fit. Easy to assemble / dissemble for storage and transportation.
This table will be offered in 3 sizes 18″ , 24″ and 36″

Tensor 18 and 24 side tables

All aspects of this design can be customized.
Leg heights from 12″ to 21″

Will soon be offering this design in the MDF wood with painted top as well. – stay tuned!

Visit our Etsy shop to purchase yours!
-J Sebastian
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Celebrating our 12th Anniversary

Twelve years ago today, Lunar Lounge was founded from the basement of my parents’ home.  It all started from an idea. “To build some coffee tables and sell them on the internet” as crazy as that idea still sounds today, I am living proof that with enough drive, determination and desire, anything is possible.  Today it has grown to be so much more than that.  What started out as an idea has now taken me down a new path that I had never imagined for myself.  Its crazy to think that thousands of people, all over the world own and enjoy a piece of furniture I have made with my own hands.   People who I have never met  and quite possibly never will, believed enough in me and my word to purchase a piece , sight unseen  from half way across the country or globe to have it end up in their home.  To say I am flattered is an understatement.  I have been loved, hated, doubted and ridiculed but also admired and appreciated.  I have inspired others and been inspired.  I cannot thank all of the people who have influenced me, challenged me and have taught me and those who offered me their help when I needed it   This adventure is far from over, but in the past 11 years , it’s easy to forget where you are if you don’t look back every once in a while to see how far you have come.  I can tell you it wasn’t easy..but it certainly has been worth it.  So I wish to thank all of those who have believed and supported me , without you, this idea would have never come to fruition. Here is to many more!



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Please take a moment to READ the following:

Being a one man operation, who is very appreciative and thankful for the patronage that I have received from my returning, present, and future, valued customers. As many of you may know that the last 6 months has been very difficult and challenging for me:
Earlier this month my father has fallen ill and had passed away.  Last month my Aunt died and in April, I lost my mother.  Grieving the loss of 3 close family members in such a short period has been very, very difficult.

knowing this now, you can understand how these events have prevented me from contributing as much time as needed to reply to inquiries and to get orders completed in the stated lead times.  For that I deeply apologize.

Once my parents affairs have been dealt with,   I will be returning to work and will be taking steps to get everyone’s order completed as quickly as possible and to a high standard that you expect.

I apologize for all delays that are caused by this unexpected situation as I will require extra time to complete your order or reply to your inquiry.

It needs to be understood that I am in no way avoiding anyone and if my absence has made it feel like so, I apologize. I am doing the best I can with the time I have and am only asking for your continued patience and understanding as I do my best dealing with these challenges.

In truth, at the end of the day all I can say is that it’s only furniture. Yes, it’s great handmade furniture, but it’s only furniture. Some of us still hold strong family values and for me, my family will always come before business. Always!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your continued understanding and patience  during this time is greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Sebastian
Lunar Lounge

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New Harmonograph Art

The newest piece in my collection called  “Cosmic Atomic”

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Warren Carther

My friend and studio neighbor Warren Carther and his work are featured in this article on the completion of  his glass installation at our newly renovated / expanded air port. A HUGE Congratulations goes out to Warren and his team for creation and completion of this incredible work of art!  Visit the link to view the article.

CBC.CA – W Carther art installation

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Happy 144th Birthday Canada!

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“Etsy Fave…Lunar Lounge!”

The kind folks at Nest Design Blog featured our shop and a few of our pieces in their short but sweet blog today.  stop by and check it out!

Here is a link to their blog that is updated daily.  if you are into design..check it.

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“the quality is SUPERB!” – email of the week.

Although its only Wednesday, I think this email wins by default – so I wanted to share with you the feedback from a Canadian Client who had recently  purchased a pair of our Bokz buttom back lounge chairs and a Leather button top Bokz Bench.  She was kind enough to snap a picture of her handy work which you can see below.  I think Andrea did a fantastic Job putting her room together and the pieces she chose from us fit well and look great!

She wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

I was so happy that the furniture arrived within the time frame that you outlined, even though we live all the way up in Northern Alberta. Everything was packed perfectly for the long journey, and the assembly was so easy.  I am so happy with the furniture, and the quality is SUPERB! I will suggest Lunar Lounge to my friends, and I will definitely order pieces from you in the future. I’ve attached some pictures of the beautiful furniture in our living room.

Thanks again,

Andrea W. – Alberta Canada

Thanks again Andrea   Enjoy!


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June 2011 Advertising Campaign.

A preview of our Ad campaign for Summer 2011.  Enjoy!!

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Scandinavian style

A little something I whipped up over my morning coffee…. Enjoy!!

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Join us on Facebook!

Join our Facebook group and stay up to date on any new projects we are working on, media exposure, new product releases or sales we are having!

Lunar Lounge Design Retro Modern Furniture

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Spring 2011 – The E.F Modular seating system

E.F. [Exposed Frame]. Unlike so many sectionals or typical living room furniture where the frame is hidden with foam and fabric I wanted to appreciate the having it exposed and visible like an exoskeleton and second to add detail by combining unique wood grains , stain options and brushed aluminum details that will compliment any space. Like many of my pieces they are minimal and very visual…unpretentious and yet bold.

Inspired in part by the Case study day bed by George Nelson, the back rest and aluminum flat bar accents give the much needed support but allow versatility with each piece

The Lounge chair is just one piece of the design line that consists of:

  • Ottoman
  • Lounge chair
  • 60″ sofa
  • sofa bench
  • chaise lounge
  • 90″ sofa

Together they create a modular seating system that is ideal for many living spaces – open concept lofts and homes and ideally configurable for  restaurant and hospitality environments.

The frame is constructed from .75″ plywood and then adorned with beautiful birch veneered ply . Brushed aluminum back rest supports  are held in place with stainless steel hardware while the 5088 spun aluminum legs keep it grounded . The seating-  4″ thick medium firm  top quality polyurethane foam that is then upholstered in the commercial quality twill fabric in the color of your choice.

Dimensions: Lounge chair (shown)

30″ x 30″ seat
32″ at back
22″ seat depth
17″ seating height

This striking furniture line  is ideal for your home, office or hospitality environments. Anywhere functionality, versatility and style are demanded.  Providing functional minimalism and conveying visible purpose. A ‘simple’ design that is bold, masculine and practical.

All aspects of this design can be customized.  contact us directly to discuss on how we can build a seating system for you.

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New from our Studio: SPB5 – Platform Bench

SPB-5 Bench

In 1955 it was described that the bench is “one of the most flexible and useful furniture pieces in the home.” This statement still holds true today.

This is our interpretation of the classic Slat bench. Popularized in the 50′s it is a timeless piece that is as functional as it is beautiful. Versatile, attractive and strong. Common uses include seating, coffee table, or as a platform for displaying things such as plants, art work, stereos, etc.

You can order yours here.

This striking piece of furniture is ideal for your home, office or hospitality environments. Anywhere functionality, versatility and style are demanded.

Constructed from 1.5” x 1.5” and 1.5” x 1”, spruce hardwood. We have the slats running the width of the bench in interchanging heights giving a visual detail that has not been seen before. Down the entire length of bench are 2 pieces of .5” brushed aluminum rod that add further detail and strength to the design. This element ties in the brushed aluminum legs that support this handsome piece providing functional minimalism and conveying visible purpose.The two brushed aluminum legs are an aesthetic contrasted to the solid spruce wood slats. The ‘simple’ design is elegant and practical.

5’ long
18” deep
16” high

Shown in Dark walnut stain with satin finish. Please refer to our color options and be certain to indicate which stain you would like us to finish your bench in.  The SPB5 bench is 5 foot length but all aspects of this design can be customized to suite your space.  Please contact us directly for pricing.

You can order yours here.

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Resolutions for Your Dining Room

Happy New Year from us at Lunar Lounge!

If an entire dining set switch is too much of a change for you, why not make it a New Year’s Resolution to dress up your dining room with a few modern dining chairs? We offer 2 variations of the Ply Bak Dining chair – the ply bak side chair and our ply bak arm chair – Quality upholstery and durable materials.

It’s distinct profile and clean planes showcase a harmonious combination of rich wood, textured materials and brushed aluminum legs and arm rests.  Versatile, attractive and strong.

All of our furniture pieces are made to order and can be customized in any way desired, from the height to the stain finishes to the upholstery options.  Shown with our classic leather look vinyl upholstery but also offer this design in twill, micro fiber and of course leather upholstery options in a plethora of colors to suit any decor.

Special pricing and combined shipping is offered on sets of 4- 6- 8 or  more so contact us for pricing and delivery options.

All the best for 2011!

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Lunar Lounge – Mid Century Furnishings

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  If this is your first time here, welcome.  If you have been here before, you will notice a new look and feel.  We have been very busy working on our site to give you a new way to experience our products.

“Lunar Lounge – Hands down, the best furniture on Etsy. Reasonably priced, simple designs, good quality.” – Robin Callan Room Fu – Knockout Interiors

We are a Canadian based furniture fabrication company that specializes in Mid century Modern inspired design.  2011 is our 10th year serving the modernist community with our all original hand fabricated furniture pieces.

Along with the number of  design lines you will find on our site, we also do custom and commissioned work for those who want something truly unique.

“It takes style and confidence to know when to leave well enough alone and that is the balance they got right at Lunar Lounge . “- Yahgie Interiors

We believe that good design should be available to people of all walks of life.  Enjoy your visit.

Jonathan Sebastian
Owner and Chief Product Designer
Lunar Lounge
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Lunar Lounge : A new look

2011 – A year for change.

This year is the time for a new look and feel for our website and worldwide presence..   We worked with Josh Korwin of three steps ahead ( on our new look and felt that my first blog post should be how we developed the new logo.

The challenge for me initially was the company name. – Lunar Lounge.  when I first started the business,  I was greatly inspired by design from the 60′s and 70′s – Aarnio and the Kartell era.  Since then I have found myself being drawn further back to the mid 40′s and 50-60 American and Danish design and felt that the name was perhaps no longer suiting to the direction my designs were going.  Josh and I spoke about this in great detail about this and even considered a name change  at one point. The idea that I wanted Josh to focus on when designing the logo and site were “architecture meets atomic”.

When Josh and I were discussing the idea of being inspired by a more “atomic,” mid-century feel with the higher-brow feel of architectural design, the first thing that popped into Josh’s head was the “Atomium”:  It was built to represent the crystalline structure of iron, with each of the “nodes” representing individual atoms. We both think it’s just awesome and probably the most appropriate fusion of the “atomic” and “architectural” as one could imagine.

He also shared an image of a poster he acquired last year from the 1958 Expo  – it was designed by  Dan Reisinger for the world fair.  “I just adore this stuff.” Josh said, “I love the colors, the composition, the use of circles and polygons,and the crisp, clean, but undoubtedly mid-century modern typography.”

With these pieces in mind, Josh went ahead and  designed a concept that is evocative of all of these feelings. The”badge” shape, and the semicircles at top and bottom, I was specifically inspired by the shapes created by the silhouette of the Atomium. And the typography was inspired by the Dan Reisinger poster. It’s also flexible in terms of color schemes.

I felt strongly towards the red and black combination, being  greatly inspired by the early Herman Miller furniture tags and ad’s from the 50′s- bold, simple and classic. 

Josh felt that the new logo would also be flexible in that it would feel equally appropriate with a ’60s inspired piece as it would with a piece inspired by the ’40s or ’50s; “it feels mid-century, but classic”. He then increased the “atomic” feel of the design when he paired with a harmonograph.  It completes the imagery of “Lunar” without being obvious.  -PERFECT!

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